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Gatcoin adds something extra, in the form of blockchain technology, to the traditional loyalty program. Gatcoin offers retail shopping incentives that are liquid and tradeable.

Gatcoin is aimed at retailers. As soon as they join the network, they can start issuing their own branded digital tokens and the platform can gift them to potential customers depending on where they are and their identified shopping interests using “targeted airdrop” technology.

Customers use the tokens to claim discounts, purchase goods, or pick up rewards from merchants, they can also be traded on the Gatcoin cryptocurrency exchange.

A Gatcoin video says that a typical shopper belongs to more than 30 different consumer loyalty programs. Gatcoin’s arguably better suggestion is that consolidating all of these incentives, coupons and points under one banner as a better approach.

“A-Drop” is the name of Gatcoin’s most important feature, one that looks like becoming a very innovative marketing tool. What it does is it “drops” points onto a customers’ mobile device, a bit like the way that you can AirDrop files between Apple devices.

Digital tokens can be A-Dropped onto a customer’s phone, and a push notification tells them shortly after that it’s happened. They’re encouraged to spend the tokens at the retailer’s shop, which is how Gatcoin generates interest and loyalty for shoppers and retailers.

Apart from A-Drop, Gatcoin is all about managing loyalty programs. Gatcoin was designed to help retailers manage their shopping incentives. Shoppers upload coupons or loyalty points and Gatcoin turns them into digital tokens which can be spent on brands and businesses in the Gatcoin network, which so far number 21 big brands and 60,000 retail stores. Shoppers can spend tokens to buy products, redeem gifts, or get discounts or they can be traded in if they aren’t needed or held onto as a repository of value.

You can buy Gatcoin with Transcrypt if you’re interested in becoming part of this innovative solution. Investors who choose to buy Gatcoin with Transcrypt will be getting a head start on a digital asset which solves a long-standing real-world problem, and for that reason looks set to grow and grow. Buy Gatcoin with Transcrypt today to make sure that you’re ahead of the curve.

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