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KekCoin (KEK)

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    POS 2.0

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Kekcoin intends to fix one of the problems with memes—knowing who created them. The way that anything can spread virally on the Internet nowadays is incredible, but authorship is something that’s always been lost on way. Kekcoin aims to fix that. It’s a proof-of-stake crypto with segregated witness support that addresses this problem comprehensively.

Kekcoin’s other aim is to provide a platform for the funding and creation of contemporary content, and because Kekcoin is open source, community involvement is very much welcomed and encouraged.

When you buy Kekcoin with Transcrypt you will be supporting a blockchain that has some grand ambitions, namely to become the ground floor of a new platform known as the Memechain. As the name suggests, this will be a blockchain for memes. It will resist censorship because the hash for each meme sits in the blockchain while the image data is stored on IPFS - another great reason to buy Kekcoin with Transcrypt. Developers will enjoy the simplified interface which will allow them to integrate Kekcoin into their web apps for social media.

If you buy Kekcoin with Transcrypt you are going to be helping fund a new age of memes that can always easily be traced back to the artist who created them. The price that artists will pay for adding this level of ownership to their works by embedding them into the block chain is just a few KEKs.

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