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LitecoinCash (LCC)

Rate to USD

$ 0.001863

LCC (-7.69%)

  • Low 24h

    $ 0.001553

  • High 24h

    $ 0.002174

  • Max Supply

    LCC 0

  • Market Cap

    $ 0

  • Hashrating algorithm

    SHA-256 + Hive

  • Proof type

    PoW + Hive

  • Net Hashes Per Second


  • BlockReward


Litecoin Cash is an offshoot of the Litecoin cryptocurrency platform. That divergence is known as a hard for and it took place in 2018. Noted that the group managing the LiteCoin Cash project has nothing to do with the original one.

Litecoin Cash exists on a new network with greater bandwidth which its claimed attains better transaction processing, along with a greater capacity for mining, thanks in part to the fact that legacy SHA256 mining hardware can be used on it.

You can buy Litecoin Cash with Transcrypt to benefit from a more up-to-date network which exists alongside the original still-functioning Litecoin network. Buy Litecoin Cash with Transcrypt to receive its tokens which are known by the initials LCC. If you want to buy Litecoin Cash with Transcrypt you can, but if you’re an original owner who wants to move over to the newer platform instead then you’ll be rewarded with 10 LCC for each LTC coin you owned at block 1371111 in the original Litecoin blockchain when the fork happened.

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