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Energi (NRG)

Rate to USD

$ 2.01

NRG (-3.06%)

  • Low 24h

    $ 1.91

  • High 24h

    $ 2.14

  • Max Supply

    NRG 38,585,346.4

  • Market Cap

    $ 77.61 M

  • Hashrating algorithm


  • Proof type


  • Net Hashes Per Second


  • BlockReward


Launched in 2018, Energi (NRG) is a proof-of-stake, next-generation digital currency combining a self-funding treasury, distributed governance, and smart contracts. Energi was created to meet the need for a sustainable and efficient cryptocurrency with the potential for mass adoption. The project has about 255,000 community members and more than 60 team members, all working together to build a digital currency for the future.

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