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Project Pai (PPAI)

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    $ 0.007637

  • Max Supply

    PPAI 2,100,000,000.0

  • Market Cap

    $ 13.33 M

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Project PAI is a distributed peer-enabled platform or network for intelligent avatars. It was created from digital profiles of people’s online behavior. Launched in 2017, this blockchain-based, open-source platform allows users to create, use, and manage their personal artificial intelligence. The PAI blockchain allows for a distributed AI economy. Here, programmers can create services and products that can be helpful to the PAI ecosystem.

Developers and organizations can easily use tokens to facilitate transactions and interactions based on their unique experiences. They do so by using their personal avatar that thinks, learns, speaks, and behaves like them. PAI is a PoW digital currency with a current supply of 2.1 billion.

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