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The name ‘Propy’ clearly gives a clue about this crypto’s intended purpose. It was designed for the world of property buying and selling, and specifically, Propy was created as a blockchain solution to all the paperwork that seems to accumulate throughout the sales process. It’s particularly useful when dealing with international real estate transactions, as the problem there is that the laws that differ between nations can add to the confusion.

Propy’s solution debuted on September 15th, 2016, when the listing platform was launched. A prototype of the transaction tool and the White Paper appeared later. Propy has a pool of 35 million tokens and the initial IPO ran on the ERC20 platform. Around 16 million tokens sold for $1 each, a considerable success.

The Propy listing platform is where sellers list their properties so that buyers can browse for their ideal purchase. The Propy transaction platform is blockchain-based and it incorporates the smart contracts that do away with the need for all the paperwork recording payments and so on. All of that’s incorporated in the system, and the Blockchain Registry, which sits at the heart of the platform keeps land records perpetually secure and available.

Buy Propy with Transcrypt if you think that this is a fabulous innovation that was just waiting for someone to create it. It seems like an ideal use of the blockchain approach to untangle the age-old mess of real estate paperwork, which means that it also seems like common sense to buy Propy with Transcrypt.

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