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Repux is a platform for monetizing the movement of user and enterprise data between different parties. It unites a number of cutting-edge decentralized technologies (IPFS, Sia, and Ethereum/EOS) to create a forum for buying and selling data. Repux is designed to be a convenient information pathway and marketplace between small, medium, and large enterprises, so they can trade resources.

Repux addresses the need for businesses to share user and corporate data without needing to use go-betweens, and it protects these transactions with smart contracts, while using the REPUX token pay for them.

At the moment, it’s only the large companies can afford to purchase huge datasets, but with the advent of Repux, companies of more modest means can also take part in this market.

If this sounds intriguing to you as an investor then it should. If you buy Repux with Transcrypt you’ll be buying into a platform that leverages distributed technologies to create a decentralized market for information and data, the need for which is only going to grow. You don’t need to buy REPUX with Transcrypt at the initial offering price of $0.20 because now it’s available to be traded openly. With a cap of 500 million REPUX, supply will not be an issue if you choose to buy Repux with Transcrypt.

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