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Zurcoin has its roots in the code of both Quark and Bitcoin Core. The algorithm of the former brings Zurcoin the benefits of decentralization while that of the latter adds capabilities and functions that together turn Zurcoin into a hot prospect that may someday even rival Bitcoin.

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Buying Zurcoin with Transcrypt is an excellent idea, and it has been since DMH&Co., the blockchain asset manager and innovation company got involved with Zurcoin in 2017. They bought up the crypto and put their developers to work on its assets and branding. 12 weeks later, volume had skyrocketed, and prices had seen a twelvefold increase.

It’s a good idea to buy Zurcoin with Transcrypt because the coin is a completely decentralized offering that has never been pre-mined. Other Bitcoin forks benefit their founders, but when you buy Zurcoin with Transcrypt you’re benefiting only the traders and miners.

DMH&CO is intending to launch a synthetic Zurcoin that’s tradable on ERC compliant exchanges. If you buy Zurcoin with Transcrypt this will put you in an ecosystem where you will be buying a unique utility capable of enabling smart contracts. This purchase utility in combination with a growing exchange presence and artificial adjustments staffed by DMH&CO pros means your best option is to buy Zurcoin with Transcrypt.

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