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Timicoin as a cryptocurrency that was designed with personal medical data in mind. A company called Timi Group Inc. saw a need to create a standard way of sharing medical information globally, and Timicoin was the result. Timicoin enables a health information exchange (HIE) to exist, a kind of health database for clinical information which will act as a common currency for health data as well as a more traditional currency in its own right.

Some healthcare providers deliberately hide healthcare information to avoid passing on industry secrets to competitors, but Timicoin allows them to avoid the need to do that. In an age where the need to let governments and institutions share medical data more fluidly has never been more necessary, Timicoin could in time become essential.

Timicoin’s smart contract element could make medical records shareable in real time, and this could help to cut down on the unnecessary duplication of tests while keeping information up to date and accurate at all times.

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Investors can buy Timicoin (TMC) quickly and easily with Transcrypt. If you want to buy Timicoin with Transcrypt then you’re investing in a token that can tap into the TimiHealth platform’s network services, which include acquiring and dealing with data, health monitoring and cross-facility synchronization of patient information. Buy Timicoin with Transcrypt and you’re helping to boost a coin that fulfils a pressing social need, given that pandemics now look set to be a regular fixture in the world’s future. You can use it via the dedicated TimiHealth app for Mac and PC and store it in the Timi cryptocurrency wallet.

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